Who we are

The Centre for Research Support in Geological Heritage and Geotourism (GeoHereditas) is a research group based at the Geosciences Institute of the University of São Paulo (IGc / USP). The group has as members researchers in the areas of Geosciences, Biosciences, Social Sciences and Tourism and its main objectives are to promote practices in Geoconservation in several regions of Brazil.

The Research Support Centre for Geological Heritage and Geotourism (GeoHereditas), linked to the Pro-Rectory of Research and installed in the Institute of Geosciences (IGc / USP), is dedicated to the development of projects of:

I. Coordinated promotion, support and encouragement of scientific research activities carried out by professors, researchers and students from different USP units and associated institutions in projects related to Geodiversity, Geological Heritage, Built Heritage, Geotourism, Geoconservation, Geoparks, Environmental Education, Education in Geosciences and Popularization of Geosciences;

Workshop of the project Inventory of the Geological Heritage of the State of São Paulo

II. Training and improvement of researchers and other professionals interested in Geoconservation and related areas within the university and other institutions;

Course of introduction to geosciences for environmental monitors in São Sebastião

III. Dissemination on Geological Heritage and Geodiversity and its importance to the Society, through lectures, round tables, courses;

Participation of GeoHereditas in (event in Cientec Park, scientific turn, etc)

IV. Intercession, with the environmental agencies and the protection of the Natural Heritage, in order to improve the conservation of the Geological Heritage, through the awareness and formulation of public policies and greater insertion of topics related to Geosciences in Basic Education;

Meeting of the State Council of Geological Monuments of the State of São Paulo (CoMGeo-SP)

V. Establishment and strengthening of contacts with foreign researchers and institutions working in Geoconservation through the proposal of agreements for the exchange of undergraduate and graduate students and researchers and the promotion of joint research activities;

Field activity in Naturtejo Geopark (Portugal)

VI. Promotion of multidisciplinary collaborations, within Brazil and abroad.

Presentation of work at the 9th meeting of the European Association for the Conservation of Geological Heritage (Poland)