Ongoing projects

GeoHereditas projects are associated to the area of Geoconservation, which includes studies on geodiversity, geological heritage, built heritage, popularization of Geosciences, Environmental Education and Education in Geosciences.

The Geological Heritage of the coastal region of the state of São Paulo: inventory and valorisation with support of geospatial technologies

Application of geospatial technologies in geoconservation stages, including dissemination and scientific communication, in points already included in the inventory of the geological heritage of the state of São Paulo.

Members: Maria da Glória Motta Garcia / Christine Bourotte / Eliane Aparecida Del Lama / Carlos Eduardo Manjon Mazoca / Renato Filipe Faria Henriques 

Conservation studies of geological materials used in Cultural Heritage

Study of two types of geological materials used in patrimony: rock and mortar / pictorial layer. To understand the behavior of the rock, traditional analytical techniques and non-destructive analyzes of the rocks that make up the patrimony of São Paulo are foreseen. With regard to the material characterization of murals, mineralogical techniques will be used for the textural and compositional characterization of mural painting materials.

Members: Eliane Aparecida Del Lama / Emílio Velloso Barroso / José Delgado Rodrigues / Thais Alessandra Bastos Caminha Sanjad.

Ceramic fragments found in archaeological sites.

Multidimensional Approach to Pedagogical Practices in Geosciences in Higher Education

This research project aims to investigate pedagogical practices in Geosciences courses at the three state universities of São Paulo, USP, UNESP and UNICAMP. The research is referenced in the field of university pedagogy and teaching of Geosciences, analyzing teaching practices in bachelor courses in Geology and degree in Geosciences and Natural Sciences. The methodological reference is based on the categorization of pedagogical practices from the dimensions of the teaching knowledge: pedagogical, professional and organizational knowledge and the dimension of the professional knowledge of the teacher.

Detail of the cover of the book Geologia do Brasil, by V. Leinz.

This project applies the same methodological approaches to data collection and analysis in South Africa and Brazil, to facilitate comparison between the two countries, to identify and share good practice, and to identify gaps in knowledge and application of geoscience information for different user communities.

Members: Maria da Glória Motta Garcia / Christine Bourotte / Jasper Knight 

Vredefort Crater, South Africa