The scope of work in geoconservation is interdisciplinary and involves areas that go beyond traditional basic geoscience research. At the international level, programs at the UN (United Nations ) and IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) are aimed at actions related to this new branch of science.


The Center for Research Support in Geological Heritage and Geotourism (GeoHereditas) aims to promote and promote research, debate and extension activities in the areas of Geoconservation, Geodiversity, Geological Heritage, Geoparks, Geotourism, Geoscience Education and Environmental Education, based on basic geological research, the dissemination of Geosciences and the Geodiversity / Biodiversity interaction, for the benefit of the communities involved.

GeoHereditas activities are spread across five main areas.

Working areas

Research associated with inventories, assessment of sites of geological interest, actions and necessary management policies at different levels of government and protected areas.

Studies of geological materials used in the construction of monuments and buildings. This area involves laboratory tests of rocks, non-destructive methods of analysis, dissemination and patrimonial and geoscientific education.

Elaboration of content and materials to popularize themes and concepts in Geosciences, from printed material, through audiovisual content to three-dimensional interactive media.

Teaching and extension to different publics of the interface topics of the Earth Sciences for the construction of a citizen society considering the sustainability, the conservation of the geological heritage and the elements of the geodiversity and the crazy culture

Geological mapping, studies in igneous and metamorphic petrology, structural and tectonic geology, rock magnetism, sedimentology, among others, are the primordial material for the dissemination of geosciences.