Geosciences communication

The knowledge generated through scientific research can and should be shared with society as a whole. Therefore, participation in dissemination activities and the development of interactive materials is one of the focuses of GeoHereditas and aims to contribute to the democratization of information and the inclusion of geosciences in educational and tourism activities that promote sustainability.

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Geotouristic route in the Old Center of São Paulo​

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Tutoriais online:

Webmap com mapas interativos das trilhas ambientais

Geoscience for Society: communicating geology for the public good

Palestra do professor Iain Stewart, da Universidade de Plymouth (Reino Unido) em evento promovido pelo GeoHereditas no Instituto de Geociências da USP.

Short course in Geocommunication: 30-31 de Julho de 2018

Professor Ian Stuart (Universidade de Plymouth – Reino Unido)

Evento promovido pelo GeoHereditas no Instituto de Geociências da USP